what: event design system
for: University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

Each year at UC DAAP, scholarship contributors and the students who are recipients of their generosity are brought together to meet one another. The idea is the event provides an opportunity for the student to thank their benefactors in person, and for the benefactor to see what the student has done with that generosity. 

The visual system started with the design of the invitation postcard, which was to be simple, elegant, and designed within an inch of its life. The event itself would take place during the winter season, soon after the holiday break. As such we went with a silver spot color balanced against white, light gray, and black grey. 

Because the postcard design was so simple, expanding the system became something of a challenge, especially when it was to be applied to the event program—how could we keep the simple visual aesthetic without becoming overly simplistic in its application? Ultimately, we decided a gate fold would work best for the cover, opening to reveal the benefactor information within.

Additional deliverables included a series of vases produced by beginning ceramics students, which were filled with art supplies and wrapped with silver ribbons and tags. Wayfinding signage was also developed, as was a digital presentation used by the Dean in his speech.