redacted fashion

Miami University, Cage Gallery 2018

A solo show displaying work completed in the Redacted Fashion collage series.


best in show: an exhibit of student work

Miami University, Cage Gallery 2012

A number of potential exhibit designs were explored by Multidisc Studio student teams, with the Graphic Design faculty voting on and selecting the best of these options.


knowhere: finding the ways we wayfind

Miami University, Cage Gallery 2011

This exhibit which utilizes all surfaces of the gallery and surrounding level to point out and explain different wayfinding clues we find in our every day environment. Using the building in which it’s housed as a teaching tool, Knowhere does something never done within the context of this academic setting before—it pulls itself out of the confines of the gallery space, and lets the design overrun a full level in the Miami University Department of Architecture and Interior Design.


mobile italy: an exhibit of student work

Miami University, Cage Gallery 2009

Student sketchbooks were displayed, opened to their favorite sketch from the workshop. Colored strings connected images generated from the same assignment statements, as well as final assignments created from the same destination location.


plant life: photostitch through natural progression—an exhibit of student work

University of Arkansas School of Architecture, Long Gallery 2005

Works displayed focused on the abstraction of a plant through projects that included photo-composites, illustration, cut-paper collages, screen printing, and abstract compositions.