what: tutorial videos (scripts, action, and assets)
for: Academy of Art University School of Graphic Design students

Over the last few years, I've worked as an online coordinator, creating and coordinating online education materials for the School of Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University. Prior to this, I was an online student in that MFA program. With the unique advantage of working within the LMS from the viewpoint of the student and faculty, I've developed ideas on how to better teach our more fundamental crafting skills. 

With the help of Bobby Brill, Justin Jach, and Eugenio Castro (all part of the AAU Video Production team), I worked on the development of the Common Concepts Demo Library. These videos are intended to provide quick, easily followed instruction on how to accomplish simple design comps, such as how to bind a perfect-bound book, or what the different industry folds are.

In addition to the demonstration videos, we also completed a smaller, "for fun" video showcasing lessons we've learned ourselves over the last few years. Those came together in the 7 Graphic Design Don'ts compilation. For this, a series of posters was designed and "created" on-camera. Because it required so much clean-up, we had to complete the shoot for all seven posters at the end of a grueling week. We still managed to have some fun, though.