170919 MAD Searches

Every once in awhile... Wait. Once per day, or more realistically once per hour, I find cool stuff that inspires me and feeds my creative writings and designs. Yeah, I could pin these on Pinterst. But sometimes it's better to share in a setting that doesn't suggest other things, like wedding invitation designs, or layouts for toddler bedrooms. 

Today, I found...

In searching for more information (to share here, but also in my class), I found Kommaa publication designed and produced by the faculty and students of the University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim. It's a great, edgy editorial design that doesn't lose its sense of organization or orientation. The juxtaposition of the deep red against the traditional white pages keeps the pacing interesting without feeling forced. And the use of hand-generated typography provides a great contrast to the consistently applied, almost relentless grid.