finding the i in team

Pennsylvania State University, 2018

The faculty of the Pennsylvania State University's Graphic Design Program were investigating methods and ideas of how to look beyond the academic silos surrounding them and collaborate with other various departments and programs within the University and greater professional community. I was invited to present my own experiences working between design disciplines (having been both a graphic designer and an architect prior to my re-entry into education), as well as potential ideas on how their program could develop new collaborative paths forward.


changing the face of online education

The University of the Arts, 2018
In their investigations into increasing enrollment without taxing existing resources, the University of the Arts in Philadelphia began discussions surrounding the ideas of expanding their academic environment to engage online education. I was invited by the Provost, Patricia Kucker, to present and discuss my own experiences in developing online education materials, as well as open conversations within the upper administration regarding how UArts might begin to explore these options within their own curriculum.


meeting students where they learn

Academy of Art University, 2016
In 2015, the Academy of Art University’s Online Education department was in the midst of altering how it approached presenting art education materials in an online classroom. To avoid appearing outdated, there had been suggestions that we reconsider how demonstration videos and learning materials were developed. Using YouTube tutorials as a working model, the School of Graphic Design reworked all course materials for the Introduction to Visual Communications course to make them more approachable by students. This course rebuild became a beta-test subject for this model, and for trying out other new Online Education tools. The results were immediately noticeable, and our team was invited to present the new class in a monthly All-Schools Directors’ meeting.


the challenges of online teaching

University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, 2016
The University of Cincinnati had recently issued a mission statement to move design studio courses into an online education environment in an effort to increase enrollment and reduce overall budgetary costs. I was invited by the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs to discuss possible models for developing this environment, including potential areas of concern when moving design studio-based learning into an online learning model.


knowhere: finding ways to teach wayfinding

SEGD Academic Summit, 2012
Following the completion of my research project, I was invited to present my results to academic leaders within the field of environmental graphic design at the 2012 Academic Summit for the Society of Environmental Graphic Designers. Following the presentation, I was asked to lead a panel discussion on the future of wayfinding education. An abstract of this presentation can be downloaded here.

Interior Design Educators Council Conference, 2011
Prior to the completion of my research project, I was invited to present my research and current findings at the Interior Design Educators Council Conference. The presentation was made to academic leaders within the field of interior design as a method of aiding their students in better understanding how human behavior and graphic design can aid in the design of more intuitive environments.

Innenarchitektur hs Rosenheim, 2011
Following the completion of the Knowhere: Italy 2011 workshop, I was invited to present the workshop results to students of the interior design program at Hochschule Rosenheim (the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim). Knowhere kits were dispersed and discussed, and student solutions were displayed during the conversation.