what: hand-made mixed-media collage
for: me

I'll admit it—I love fashion. I'd never wear the styles seen on the streets in Paris, Milan, London, or New York during Fashion Week, but I do enjoy mixing and matching pieces to make new costumes for myself or the world. Thing is, on a teaching salary, I could never afford a single stitch of actual "fashion." So instead, I mix and match magazine clippings, setting them against redacted news articles, in a commentary on how fashion and events can become a bubble for interaction in the world.

As I do this, sometimes I realize the "negatives"—those pieces left after I've removed the fashionable items I'd wear—take on a life of their own. Weirdly, my trash provides more opportunities for the exploration of identity, feminism, and even consumerism than the hand-selected pieces I'd rather wear.