This book design, discussing the use of algae as an alternative fuel source, took advantage of an analogy of test tubes and scientific research as a conceptual starting point.


The binding is a soft cover design with an exposed spine, which mimics the vertical nature of the test tube, while allowing the book to lay flat when opened.

Chapter opening imagery merge soft-focus macro photographs with subtle gradients and typographic “ripples” to imply views through algae-filled waters.

Each column becomes an individual test tube, with small “algal cells” nesting at the end of each main section. Paragraphs are separated by bright yellow-green colons, as if algae cells were growing on the page itself. Brightly colored boxes, appearing much like user-added highlight marker notes. Supporting infographics are visually called out using either an "enlarged" view off to the side, or organized on a light scientific grid, as if they were notes made in the lab.

Overall, the aesthetic set up a scientific voice that remained visually approachable to the audience.

typography detail

typography detail