what: packaging, infographics
for: post-colonial theorists, fun
accolades: TheDieLine

Post-colonialism discourse defines today’s society based on the understanding that many of the global cultures of today rose from the ashes of colonialism and imperialism. Simply, a country formed as a new colony, eventually fought the “motherland,” and emerged from that effort as a now freed and sovereign nation.

The Post-Colonial Tea Party project opens post-colonial discourse by first setting the stage. Since Britain used many of its first colonies as a means of growing, producing, or selling tea (Google “Opium Wars” and you’ll see the effects this had on China), perhaps having a conversation over a cup of piping hot tea makes sense, yes?

Or at least more civilized.

Using tea as our common language, and Otto Neurath's ISO-types as our common visual language, the hope remains that we can talk reasonably about our overly rebellious upbringing, in a civilized manner, where the only real lumps of concern are in regards to sugar.

One? Or two?