SAY NO (aka 7 Design Don'ts)

what: multimedia compositions
for: Academy of Art University School of Graphic Design students
accolades: 39th Annual Telly Awards, gold for Social Video General-Education & Discovery
presentations: Changing the Face of Online Education, 2018

When working with the Academy of Art University's Online Education Video Production team on the How-To Do Too series, we also completed a smaller, "for fun" video showcasing lessons we've learned ourselves over the last few years. Those came together in the 7 Graphic Design Don'ts compilation video, shown below.

For this, a series of posters was designed and "created" on-camera. Each poster was printed individually using an inkjet printer. Additionally, templates of each poster were cut from heavy cardstock, and then used to apply adhesive over their printed counterparts. This gave us a receptive surface upon which we could then apply glue, wool, or any number of unusual materials.

In the studio, glitter, coffee, and wool were used to reveal each compositions' message. Because this required so much clean-up, we had to complete the shoot for all posters at the end of a grueling week. We still managed to have way too much fun, though. And we got glitter everywhere!